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The Story in Photos

An inspiring moment with graduate advisor Dr. Bill Berquist at my doctoral graduation. I had invested five years of evening and weekend classes to get this far, but Bill counseled not to rush things: Writing your dissertation should be the heart of your life's work, he said. How true this was.

Skiing in Alta, Utah, is our favorite past-time. We share a ski cabin with Michel's dad and his family. It's times like this that I feel blessed to have a close relationship with John, Suzie and their kids. Divorce is never easy, but John and I made certain Michel and Kristen would be exposed to the best of both families. Michel has grown well as a result.

The snow in Utah is so soft and powdery that Michel liked to test the "courage" of first-time visitors by asking them to jump off our deck. It's a 10-foot drop and scary the first time, but the result is finding yourself sinking joyously into fluff.


Michel beaming at his graduation beach party at the University of California at Santa Barbara. I had really seen a change in him after he attended the University of Bonn during his junior year. When Bob and I visited, Michel at 18 rented a car, found a hotel room and maneuvered us through Germany with fluency of both language and country.

A favorite picture taken at Bob's family reunion in the Berkshires. Bob's parents weren't sure about their son marrying a divorcee who kept close ties with her son's father, so they invited Michel and his dad to a long weekend at their home in Cleveland. Bob and I were not invited. The visit was a great success.

Elisabeth after her stroke. Partial paralysis stopped her from doing the three things she loved best - cooking, knitting and gardening - and that made her furious. Previous problems - having just escaped suspected arson at her center in Virginia and harassment over plans to treat AIDS babies - had simply been taken in stride.