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The Story in Photos

My beautiful apple-cheeked son at age 10. I thank God I didn't lose him, too.

I love this picture of Elisabeth at one of her workshops. Hard to believe I was terrified the first time we met. This strong but gentle woman brought me back from near collapse.

Michel wore t-shirts everywhere, so I was touched by the fact that he honored his mother's Master's Degree ceremony by dressing up for the occasion, highly placed tie clasp and all.


Michel as a cornerback in high school. To me he appeared much smaller than the other players. He played hard and was everywhere at once on the field - so much so that other players plowed him down, once even driving him into a bench on the sidelines. No wonder my eyes were closed during many of the games.

Michel happy at his high school graduation in Minnesota. It was hard for me when he decided to live with his dad, but I felt he made the right decision. Bob and I couldn't offer a big family, and Michel had grown close to his brother Patrick and sister Allyson.

A playful moment at our home in Mill Valley, Calif. Before his junior year in college, Michel announced, "Mom, I just realized: you can plan for your life but you can't plan your life" - an insight about acceptance and peace that had to come from a life of unexpected change.