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The Story in Photos

Knowing of my son's love of skiing, a friend took Michel to Vail soon after Krissie died. The next day a forlorn little voice tore my heart out when Michel called to say, "Mommy, I broke my leg. I don't want it to be broken." Here's one disappointed little trooper trying to make the most of it.

The summer after Kristen died, I thought we needed some fun. Our 100-lb. dog, Barney, piled into my "new" second-hand VW with Michel and me as we drove from Washington to California, visiting family and friends.

Barney pined for Kristen so much that he chewed up the sympathy cards as they poured through the mail slot. He was our big bundle of unconditional love.


Michel and I share a rare moment of playfulness on our return to the beach where Krissie died a year before. Family members and close friends who had been with us on the weekend of her drowning came with us for a last goodbye

Brian, my helper with the children when I was a single parent, plays at my wedding to Bob. A month before Kristen died, Brian wrote a haunting chorus in which the Lord is asked to "take my body to the shore and give it to the sea." After Krissie's drowning, we were so shocked at his apparent clairvoyance that Brian rewrote the verses and named the song "Kristen."

You can tell this was a true 1970s wedding! Michel proudly walked me down the aisle, though he was preoccupied with my promise that he could ring the steeple bell afterward. By the time we got to the altar, he barely heard the beautiful vows that Bob had written to each of us.