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The Story in Photos

The happiest little girl in the world. Krissie had an absolutely explosive smile, and a sense of humor to go with it. She liked to clip earrings on the tops of her ears and go skipping or roller skating. We used to laugh because the sun made those bouncing earrings look like headlights on a bumper car. She never understood what was so funny.

A week after Kristen's death, the sea was quieter, but even here, during the memorial service, you can tell how impossible it must have been for the helicopter pilot to search every crevice of every rock in his efforts to find her.

I was so proud of Michel. He didn't want to come to the service, didn't want to participate, still believed Krissie could be found. But at the service he spontaneously passed Krissie's wreath around so that everyone could take flowers and cast them into the ocean. John took the remaining wreath and threw it far out to sea.


This is the tunnel where I saw the waves crashing and roiling angrily about, as if trapped in a cage - and where one of the children on the beach saw Kristen's purple parka dragged through. The tide was out so far during the memorial service that many guests simply walked through it (Michel and I could not).

Here people are tossing the bouquets of flowers, sent by out-of-town friends, one by one into the ocean. We all felt alone with our thoughts as the flowers bounced along the waves, many returning to shore, others carried out to sea.

This is the picture we used on Kristen's memorial card. Her face has so much promise and personality that I hoped people would take away feelings of unconditional love she inspired in everyone she met.