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The Story in Photos

On the swings with John in Palo Alto. By now Krissie had become a small commander when she saw her father coming for a visit. "Mommy, you don't have to worry about Daddy," she would announce. "I'll take care of him," and off they'd go.

Michel and Krissie at 5 and 3, happy veterans of ocean and surf, pictured at Pebble Beach, where I briefly met Bob Bingham through my sister Barbie. Bob would soon be traveling to Africa and South America, so I wouldn't run into him again for another four years.

On my lap at the Renaissance Faire, happy to cuddle when a storyteller came into view. Michel was my little adventurer always on the go - even as a baby, he would arch his back so I would let him down to crawl around. But Krissie loved to curl up on my lap, always searched for my hand when we were walking.


Krissie loved jumping on the trampoline during summers with her Daddy at the summer home of Suzie's family in Bone Lake, Wisconsin. Trampolines make me nervous, but I wanted her to try everything and knew John would stay close.

A wrestle and a giggle in the back yard. By this time Krissie was dancing around the house in scarves and flouncy dresses. Michel's baseball coach told her, "Next year, you can play in Little League, too." Krissie looked at him sternly and said, "I don't play baseball. I dance."

This is the Kristen everyone remembers: swathed in scarves, surrounded by baubles and makeup and perfume given to her by her Grandmas and aunties. Krissie stored everything in tiny suitcases she packed and repacked, even for a trip to the supermarket.