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The Story in Photos

It felt as though you had to drive forever to reach the Kübler-Ross home in the desert. The only direction was a hard-to-see sign with an arrow and the simple word, "Elisabeth," on it - no last name, no map, no further directions. Then you'd see her giant totem pole come into view, with a big white teepee next to it.

The summer before Michel graduated from medical school, my 83-year-old mother had double knee replacements. With her doctors cheering her on, Mom worked twice as hard at physical therapy and flew from Washington to New York to see Michel receive his diploma. Before the ceremony, she whispered to me, "I reached my goal today, too."

Michel's dad, grandfather and uncle had all been doctors in the military. He insisted it wasn't the medical scholarship or family history that brought him to the Navy - it was his interest in critical care. Bob and I believed he needed to create his own fulfillment and gave him our full support.


Bob offering support to John when his daughter Allyson, the recently-crowned Miss Minnesota, became a contestant at the Miss America pageant in Atlantic City. Her mother Suzie kept the family members rooting with t-shirts, buttons, pom-poms and lots of enthusiasm.

Michel was an intern in San Diego when he jumped on a plane with his brother Patrick, a law student (middle) to join their younger brother Liam (far left) in support of their sister. The talented Miss Allyson will always be our Miss America!

We were all anxious to meet Jenny, the Bolivian woman who stole our son's heart. Michel had just completed a humanitarian mission with the Navy when he met Jenny at a dance and fell in love. Their whirlwind romance hit a snag after 9/11 when Jenny's trip to the United States, which should have taken a few days, was delayed by 14 months. In this photo I've just met Jenny in North Carolina, where Michel was stationed as a Naval flight surgeon.