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The Story in Photos

Krissie weighed a little more than four pounds when I brought her home from the neonatal ICU. She was so tiny, I was afraid to use the sink, so this Tupperware dish was recruited. Michel couldn't believe his new sister could fit inside a salad bowl.

John, drafted in the middle of the Vietnam War, got into a program for orthopedic surgeons at the Army hospital in Landstuhl, Germany. With little notice, we got our shots and flew off to join him. This is our passport photo.

Krissie discovered her love for water in this bathroom sink, when we were still at Landstuhl. Bathing became her favorite time of the day, especially if Michel was nearby to make his sister laugh while she tried to splash him. He's soaking wet in this photo.


My two gingerbread kids, ages 3 and 1.5, in traditional German outfits. Michel only tolerated his costume and lederhosen, but Krissie loved everything from her dirndl skirt to her bright, white stockings, blouse and hat.

Krissie followed Michel everywhere - up trees and across muddy meadows - but while he tore through outfits like this formal jacket and pants, somehow she kept her elegant balloon-yellow dress as impeccable and fresh as the first time she tried it on.

In the early '70s, mothers were instructed to toilet-train toddlers by placing them on potty seats at regular intervals every day. I had to suppress a laugh as I ran for the camera after seeing Kristen curled up on the potty seat, her comfort thumb in her mouth and the toilet paper roll emptied around her feet."