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Sugar Cookies and a Nightmare

How My Daughter's Death Taught Me
The Meaning of Life


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I blissfully piled bubbles all over me. Maybe one of my little prayers had been answered. The possibility of the spirit living on made sense for the first time since your death. I realized that my sadness and self-pity were isolating me from everyone and everything, including you, Krissie.

Instead, lying back in the bath and facing my grief, I appreciated the importance of finding a safe place to express my sadness. I needed to accept all my emotions. Only then could I feel close to you. Only then could I take a step into the future, and only then would I find peace. Now I believed I could begin to build a life for Michel and me.

Climbing out of the bath, I felt renewed. Krissie, I dried myself with your Raggedy Ann towel and even used your powder. This was a giant step. The healing had begun. While the sadness would return, I didn't care. Right then I felt good. I felt you were still with me.

I send you lots of love and hugs,


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