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Nancy's Letter Nancy's Letter


I picked up a shell
I put it to my ear.
The tears of my sorrow
Were the only sounds I could hear.
With sharing there were flowers,
The ones that you would bring.
It's your memory that I think of.
It's to you this song I sing.

You loved the ocean.
You loved a rose.
You loved the springtime,
All the secrets that it told.
You loved your mother.
You loved your friends.
Who could have told me
What you loved would bring your end?

Castles and fairy tales,
To you they seemed so real.
Little child of beauty,
The emotions you made me feel.
Your smile was like a candle.
It shone with so much life.
There are questions in my mind,
Answers that don't seem right.

So I'll take this song I'm singing,
Take this song I'm bringing
I'll Kristen the sea,
And with your name...
Kristen the ocean with all my pain.
I'll wave goodbye to morning,
Wave goodbye to the sea,
Wave goodbye, say goodbye
To a part of me.

Nancy Montgomery
December 13, 1976


How long has it been since I've seen those hills of green?
Did I really live there once, or was it all a dream?
How we met escapes me now, but yes I still recall
The ones I loved when I lived there,
And Kristen most of all.
Her Mama was a friend of mine, an artist in the town.
And I would pull my guitar out when Kristen was around.
Her eyes got big and she grew quiet to listen while I sang -
Why I don't think my audience has ever been the same.
Kristen I remember...Oh yes I do.
Kristen I remember...I still remember you.
She'd be playing make believe sometimes when I would phone.
And I would ask "Who's this?" as if I didn't know.
She'd laugh and say, "Oh, Nancy, you know who this is!"
That little girl never asked for much, but oh the love she'd give.
Kristen I remember...Oh yes I do
Kristen I remember...I still remember you.
Well life's a mystery, sometimes it's hard to understand.
The day she died a piece of me was lost not to be found,
And as I cried and grieved for her I made a promise up above,
That someday I would tell the world about a little girl I loved.
Kristen I remember...Oh yes I do.
Kristen I remember...I still remember you.

Nancy Montgomery
March, 1984

Nancy was a close friend and a wonderful musician, idolized by Kristen.