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The Babysitter's Letter

This is a letter to me from Michel and Kristen's 16 year old babysitter, the youngest person to write me after Kristen's death. She ends her wonderful letter by saying that it probably won't mean much to me, but she couldn't have been more wrong. Her words meant more to me than any, because she shared so much of her relationship to my children, especially Kristen. I was comforted by reading and rereading it many times.
- Carol

Dear Carol,
I thought it would be nice to let you know how much I really truly liked Kristen. Ever since I first met her over at Ester's house, I have always thought of her as the most beautiful little girl, with those rosy cheeks, and baby soft hair that matches her face so perfectly.
Every time I saw her, I'd think how much more beautiful she would be when she grew older. I think that she would hold a place in High School as one of the most liked people.
She was so nice and loveable the times I took care of her. At night when she was watching TV, she'd lay down on the couch with her head on my lap. I really enjoyed watching after her and Michel. They played so well together. I don't remember them having one fight.
The last time I cared for them we played kick-ball in the front yard. Kristen wanted to be on my team and we played against Michel. She seemed to be having so much fun. After that we went inside because it was getting dark. She went to get her drawing paper and we were going to have drawing contests. Michel also wanted to play. All three of us drew pictures. It was fun.
Then later she remembered the game we played the time I babysat before. You'd hide a picture somewhere between two books or under a pillow in the living room and you'd say "hot" or "cold" and she found it first. Well, she wanted to play that so we all did. They really liked playing that because we always played for a long time.
She drew a picture of me and some other things for me too. She told me to take them home but I forgot and left them on the table. I sketched a picture of her in pencil. It was the best picture I'd ever done. She wanted it so I gave it to her. Then they cleaned up their things and they went to bed. They're both great kids.
I don't think this will mean much, but it's my way of saying I care!